Artist goes beyond the boundaries between radio and art

This week's Mirabilis Radio features the artist Edbrass. He composes soundtracks for contemporary cinema and dance, researches music and technology, improvises, and manipulates collage of recordings, samples, and unconventional wind instruments. A complete artist that goes beyond the boundaries between radio and art. (Lilian Zaremba - Radio Artist, Curator, Visual Artist) Broadcast on MEC FM - 09/08/2017

Chicago 2019 - Close to There

"I'm thrilled that Edbrass Brasil, director of the Ciclo de Música Contemporânea - CMC, will be coming to Chicago as part of Comfort Station Logan Square's "Perto de Lá <> Close to There" project in August of 2019. 

We'll be partnering with Projeto Ativa and Harmonipan to bring together a multi-disciplinary group of artists to develop collaborative work, compare models of arts-organizing, and create discourse around Latinx and Black identity in our respective cities"  (Jordan Martins, Director of Comfort Station, curator).

The project will be organized and curated by Jordan Martins, Lanussi Pasquali of Projeto Ativa, and Juci Reis of Harmonipan.